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Two Days One Night – Pick of the Week

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Two Days, One Night

Welcome to our streaming pick of the week; we do this every Thursday and recommend a film that’s available to stream online – on subscription services. This week we’re recommending Two days one night which is currently available to stream on UK Netflix.

Two days one night is an independent French film, which you may know of, as Marion Cotillard was nominated at this year’s Oscars for best female lead for her role in this film.

The film is a drama that follows a woman who has recently found out that she is going to lose her job after returning from an absence caused by depression. However her friend tells her that she may be able to keep her job if she can to talk her colleagues into rejecting a bonus on their salary so that the company could afford to keep her.

We watch Sandra as she spends her weekend tracking down her fellow employees to ask them to sacrifice their bonus.
The film does a great job of showing the real world conflict of people who are struggling to get by already and are asked to make a big sacrifice in order to help another person out. It’s an interesting film and if you enjoy films based on strong character development and real world problems you should defiantly check this out.