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TowerFall Ascension

Tower fall crop

Platform: PS4/Steam

Developed by: Matt Makes Games
Available: Now PS4 & Steam

Towerfall Ascension is an independently developed 4 player retro influenced archery Arena game which perfectly captures the spirit of retro gaming.

Originally Towerfall was exclusively available on the Android console the OUYA, Thankfully though a more expanded version of the game is now available digitally on Playstation 4 and Steam.
As soon as I got my PS4 I was downloading Towerfall Ascension, its fast fluid game play, beautiful retro visuals and excellent multiplayer had me chomping at the bit to get this game to play with my friends. Once I started playing the game my expectations were met and later surpassed.


The game play in Towerfall is simple and accessible to all, you use 3 buttons to shot, jump & dodge and a D-Pad/ analogue stick to move around. The controls are simple yet precise so you never feel over encumbered by the controls.


The visuals are just plain beautiful, if you’re a fan of pixel art you’ll no doubt enjoy the aesthetics of this game. The art style is 8 bit style with a extremely eye catching and vibrant colour pallet.

The main focus of the game is its addicting local multiplayer action, which can provide endless entertainment for the those who enjoy a competitive joust with their friends. In addition to the multiplayer action there are also some single player activities; the trials challenges which test your archery skills, also there’s the quest mode in which you take on hordes of enemies whilst trying to stay alive, this mode can be taken on in co-op, which can make things easier or harder depending on your ally as friendly fire is enabled.

Overall I cannot recommend Towerfall enough I’ve had endless fun out whilst playing with friends the standalone verses mode has offered up many hours of fun, however for me playing quest mode in co-op has been where I’ve had the most fun working with a friend to take on waves of enemies is an absolute joy!