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Tom Felton meets the Superfans


1 Hour; Available on BBC iplayer (for 29 days from 24/03/2015)

Tom Felton meets the Superfans (BBC 3)

Tom felton meets the superfans is a documentary produced by Tom Felton, known for his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series

Felton produced this documentary in attempt to understand Superfans after witnessing the obsessive nature of some of his own fans. Felton reveals his biggest fan; an obsessive woman that has followed him around the world, requesting autographs and photos along the way.

However, the documentary doesn’t solely revolve around Felton’s fans. He attempts to get a balance by asking other stars on their experiences, such as William Shatner from Star Trek; funnily to which Felton suffers a fluster.

Felton meets with Superfans, such as a Harry Potter obsessive, in attempt to understand the Superfan psyche. These Superfan cases are always relevant, sometimes extreme, but completely enjoyable if not mesmerising to watch. An example is a prolific autograph collector; Felton (in disguise) joins the collector to obtain some autographs (namely Rupert Grint).

The documentary is by no means a self-love by Felton, it is an attempt to understand the thinking of a Superfan; by someone who themselves has been the target of such fandom. Felton’s own fan encounters only act as a direct insight into the point of view from the target.

Felton discusses fans with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and J.K Rowling. These interviews are insightful and enjoyable. The interview with J.K Rowling is notably grounded and reveals her motherly understanding.

Felton continues his search for an answer by attending a Comic convention. He takes the Daniel Radcliffe approach and attends in costume to enjoy the convention as just another individual.

Felton eventually meets his own obsessive Superfan at her home; this is the fan that followed him around the world seeking autographs and contact. It’s a gripping scene but is handled very well by Felton, he asks the questions that need asking and reacts to the situation very well.

Overall, this was a positive and entertaining documentary. It offers a balanced observation for viewers new and familiar to the world of the Superfan. Additionally, the original content and interviews make the documentary a unique watch for fans of Felton and his Harry Potter co-cast.