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Tie Fighter

Tie fighter short film

Tie Fighter

One of the reasons we love the internet age here at Res (besides the fact that we probably wouldn’t be here..) is that incredibly talented and passionate fans get to create and share their own vision inspired by their favourite established universes. Getting to put their own spin on their most beloved franchises and explore areas of the universe and lore that might otherwise be missed.

Tie fighter Is perfect example of why fan created art is so great. Tie fighter is an Independently animated short film that shows the star wars universe but re-imagined in an 80’s anime aesthetic, which works excellently with the empire-occupied star wars universe.  What’s more amazing is the fact that it was animated by one man Paul Johnson. Johnson animated Tie fighter in his spare time over 4 years without any support from a Kickstarter or Patreon. (His Youtube & Twitter)Untitled-2

Tie Fighter is an excellent look into the Star wars universe as you get to see from the perspective of the empire fighting against the rebels a perspective that has as of yet gone unexplored, by the cinematic universe and one that definitely warrants a further look after being done so well here.
Everything about this project works well; the aesthetic and the concept are expertly executed. We tip our hat to Mr. Johnson and hope he goes on to create more excellent animations in the future! Watch Tie Fighter and if you liked it all the creator asks is that you buy someone you know a chocolate bar or a can of coke. 

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