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The Wolfpack


The Wolfpack is a feature length documentary about six brothers that grew up in the confinement of their New York apartment for 14 years. Produced with home footage and present day interviews, this unique and charismatic film won the Grand Jury prize at Sundance 2015.

This charming documentary may, at first, seem to be a study into human psychology and behaviour. However, as the film progresses there is little study involved.

The Angulo brothers’ only exposure to the outside world is through the windows of their apartment, home schooling and popular cinema. Whilst their father wanted his “tribe” of children to be kept far from the negative exposure of New York’s streets and schools he did give them access to the world of cinema.

The brothers’ favourite hobby, besides watching films, is re-enacting their favourite scenes (and on camera, too). The home footage of the boys’ lives in their apartment is quite endearing, especially to see the delight that cinema brings to the, almost imprisoned, kids.

Whilst this documentary was enjoyable and had strong pacing, the lack of outside dialogue or social discussion could be disappointing for some viewers. Although, the lack of outside narrative or intrusion could be seen as the charm of the film; with the logic of “you decide” how to feel. The overall emotion of the documentary certainly would’ve been destroyed with Margaret P.H.D giving her opinion on the “corruption” of the children.