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The Hunt – Netflix Pick of the Week

the hunt

The Hunt

The hunt is a Danish film starring Mads Mikkelsen, Mikkelsen plays a teacher named Lucas, he works at a local kindergarten after losing job at High School, throughout this he is also going through a legal battle for the custody of his son. However, things worsen as one of the students at the kindergarten constructs an innocent lie that leads to Lucas becoming a social outcast by the townsfolk.

The film is an excellent character drama which is immensely moving, this is due to the practically flawless performances on display here; even the child actors are believable and don’t detract from the experience.
The directing, camera work and editing all help the film to feel natural and make you feel like a passive observer following Lucas through this ordeal.

If you like Dark character dramas that focus on real world issues and have sincere reletable characters, certainly watch The Hunt. Mad Mikkelsen won best actor for his performance at the 2012 Cannes film festival and it was nominated best foreign picture at the 86th Academy Awards.