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The house I live In – Netflix pick of the week

The house I live in

‘The house I Live in’ is a documentary that looks at America’s criminal justice system and the truth behind America’s war on drugs.

The documentary explores this through a series of interviews with a diverse collection of individuals, who have all had different experiences with the war on drugs such as drug dealers, prison guard’s and Judges.
Although this documentary looks inside the justice system, it is also a very personal look at the war on drugs and how it has affected many lives; the interviews feel very personal as not much is held back whether it is the police or an inmate being interviewed both sides talk freely and openly on the subject and their personal feelings and experiences.

This documentary is expertly crafted and is a must watch for anyone who cares about social and political issues; it shows the truth behind the criminal justice system and how officers are incentivised to arrest people on drug related charges, and that they will systematically seek out those arrests by targeting specific groups and areas.

It’s an important documentary that should be seen by as many people as possible, watch it and recommend it to a friend.

The house I live in is Currently available to stream on Both US/UK Netflix