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The Fauns


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The Fauns are a strong example of modern Shoegaze alternative rock. Shoegaze is a relaxing genre of Noise music, characterized by combining electronic and traditional rock instruments to make a wall of sound that the listener can almost bathe in. The sound of Shoegaze can be defined by two key elements: a Fuzz/Distortion effect pedal and reverb.

Some popular examples of Shoegaze alternative rock are My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Fauns, like many Shoegaze artists, can be appreciated during a spring-summer’s drive or better yet with a pair of studio-standard headphones with their Record Store Day pink vinyl (featuring a remix by legendary composer Clint Mansell). As their website states “With no promotional muscle, they went on to pick up radio support from BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq and shift over five thousand copies purely by word of mouth”. The Fauns are a hypnotic blend of relaxing chill and alternative rock.

 The Fauns (self-titled) debut

Their self-titled debut album is an incredibly strong album for a first release in Shoegaze. The album begins with the dreamy, relaxing  Lovestruck. The album continues in a dreamy haze up to the track The Sun is cruising, during which the tempo increases. Black Sand is a unique track that switches style half-way through. From the abstract haze of Shoegaze Black sand becomes a brooding track with a fast drum track, creating a drama in this other-wise soothing album. The track 1991 is one of the tracks that make full use of Alison Garner’s vocals. Garner’s voice blends with the soundtrack of this track perfectly to create a sound that’s truly beautiful.

Lights (2009)

Lights lends itself more towards an alternative rock/shoegaze album due to the prominence of rock elements in the mix. Point Zero, opens the track in a similar style to their self-titled album; in a relaxing fuzz. However, Seven hours picks up the rock elements as earlier described, this track is a strong example of The Faun’s capabilities, the drums, guitars and vocals create a very memorable track. Tracks Nothing ever and With you are a heavier, brooding combination with alternative rock. These tracks clearly differ from relaxing tracks like 4am and Give me your love, but in a perfect musical collaboration, the differences aren’t jarring at all.

Overall, The Fauns are evidence that Shoegaze is alive and can be pushed further with elements of alternative rock. This is a band that can be enjoyed on so many levels; I particularly recommend listening whilst playing the Sega Saturn classic Nights into Dreams. We’re lucky to have such a talented band on our doorstep in Bristol but be sure to follow them to make sure you know when they’re at your doorstep, too.

According to Twitter (@TheFaunsBand) The Fauns are currently recording their 3rd studio album; make sure to follow them for this release