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The Breathing Effect


The Breathing Effect – Mars Is a Very Bad Place for Love

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The Breathing Effect is a (deep breath) psychedelic, electronic experimental jazz duo from Brooklyn, New York. Together, Eli Goss (producer/keyboardist) and Harry Terrell (Drummer/bassist), combine the smooth, relaxing elements of Pink Floyd, Flying Lotus and Bonobo.

The duo recently released their debut album, Mars Is a Very Bad Place for Love, after their 2014 self-titled EP. The album has an incredible groove that plays delicately with the scrupulous jazz drumming by Terrell. The keyboard work has a spacey yet relaxingly grounded tone throughout the album.
Experimental and artistic, The Breathing Effect can be enjoyed on both levels; as a background soundtrack or with full attention as you’re lifted into a jazzy trance.

Notable tracks

Rising InsideWith an absolutely brilliant drum beat partnered with a very spacey, at sometimes busy, keyboard instrumentation. This song uses familiar tones with an experimental jazz structure that results in a very pleasant track.

Cold Meteor Showers – Starting with a melodic keyboard riff, this song kicks into a brilliant experimental jazz piece. The perfect track to find you lost in a trance of relaxing thought and imagination. The Breathing Effect clearly consists of two very talented musicians and this track is a strong example through their instrumentation.

Streetlights Out of Focus – It was almost tricky to review this without glazing over and daydreaming. A peaceful track that upholds the familiar sound the album uses throughout. However, Streetlights out of Focus has a use of sparing vocals – used almost like an extra track of instrumentation.

If you’re a fan of experimental, electronic, jazz or chill music The Breathing Effect are certainly worth your attention. Mars Is a Very Bad Place for Love perfectly blends technically brilliant instrumentation, with smooth jazz flow and a spacey tone. The Breathing Effect is a brilliant duo with an exquisite album, perfect for relaxing and ruminating. The Breathing Effect brings Jazz to the 21st century that’ll certainly appeal to a younger audience besides existing Jazz fans.