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Sticky PostKomara

Komara Dirty Smelly music video

Our music video for KOMARA; a super group that combines Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson and avant-garde musicians David Kollar and Paolo Raineri. Inspired by the artwork as designed by Adam Jones of Tool


Joy Division – Heart and Soul

Joy Division have an expansive catalogue of compilation albums despite only 2 studio albums. We discuss Heart and Soul, a comprehensive box set on the 35th anniversary of Ian Curtis’ death


Martin Gore MG

Depeche Mode founding member, Martin Gore has released MG; a complex and brilliant electronic instrumental album


The Breathing Effect

The Breathing Effect are a psychedelic experimental jazz duo from Brooklyn, NY. We discuss their new album Mars is a Very Bad Place for Love, as they bring Jazz to the 21st century

Kubbi - Ember - cover

Kubbi Ember

Kubbi is an online independent musician from Norway who makes some amazing chiptune music, that harkens back to the sound of retro games


Mayflower Madame

Mayflower Madame are a brooding darkwave, neo-psychedelic band from Oslo, Norway. We discuss their EP and new single from their upcoming debut album


Acrassicauda Gilgamesh

Iraqi Metal band Acrassicauda release their crowd-funded studio album, Gilgamesh. We discuss the album that combines Thrash, Doom and Groove Metal with Middle-eastern motifs