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Stranger Things (2016)

Stranger Things

New Netflix Original show, Stranger Things, debuted on the online platform mid-July and has already impressed viewers and critics alike. If it means anything, a 9/10 on IMDB is commendable at least.

What’s it all about

Stranger Things is a horror mystery drama that is based solely in a small American town. A group of 3 friends try to figure out the sudden disappearance of their friend, the 4th member of their Dungeons and Dragons group. Their knowledge of tech, science and fantasy works to their favour as they refuse believe the adults have control of the situation.

The narrative also follows Jonathon and Joyce (Winona Ryder) Byers, the recently missing boy’s older brother and mother. Jonathon and Joyce are joined by local Sheriff Jim Hopper in search of the boy. The Byers’ house becomes the window to some strong paranormal scenes that are gripping and freaky throughout the program.

Why it’s so good

The immediately noticeable aspect of Stranger Things is its 80s themes and persistant homage. You’ll find winks to classic Horrors such as The Thing and a narrative that develops much like a Spielberg film or Stephen King novel. The production remains modern and brilliantly shot throughout; it has that “RED” indie-film look to it, which is something to appreciate in itself.

Another brilliant element of Stranger Things is both its original score and excellent soundtrack. The score is an 80s-style modern electronic synth wave, comparable to Power Glove or Perturbator. This synth score works very well with building atmosphere and tension in Stranger Things and has created quite a fuss for the two guys involved. As well as the score, Stranger Things has a stellar soundtrack with classic jams from the likes of Joy Division, Jefferson Airplane and The Clash. The songs are used appropriately and don’t stand out like they very well could have, being the culturally significant tracks they are.

The story plays out much like Stand by Me or Super 8, following a group of sharp young boys that enjoy the adventure they’re in.

The cast are easily one of the best aspects of the production, using an indie-range of actors with the exception of Winona Ryder helps Stranger Things feel like its in its own world. A predominantly young cast could put off some viewers but all the actors involved in Stranger Things perform very well with charisma and easy relation.

Without going into any spoiling detail, Stranger Things is a brilliant show and is very likely to be nominated for many awards in the season. An easy and enjoyable watch for fans of horror-themed films and classic 80s flicks, Stranger Things is worth your attention and worthy of its current appreciation.