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Snow: The Dawn

snow the dawn

Issues 1 & 2 are available digitally via Comixology
Physically through dimthroatcomics & UK on display

Written by: Nick Goode
Art by: Harry Hughes

Snow: The Dawn

Snow: the Dawn is an independently produced graphic novel that takes place in London, in the Year 2079, the world has succumb to the affects of global warming and London has been divided into 10 boroughs surrounded by sea walls to protect itself from the swelling ocean outside.

Snow: the Dawn follows the main character John Snow, an average man who works for a local councilman, in the hopes that he can make a difference to the dystopian world that London has become. However, after a run in with some criminals, he is then left for dead in the pouring rain, only to awaken hours later unscathed by his assailant’s attacks. As he attempts to return to his daily routine he begins to find himself acting against his own will as if he’s being controlled by another entity.

Snow: the Dawn is an immediately captivating novel, its aesthetic style is excellent as it appears all hand drawn which is beautifully refreshing. The hand drawn element is accompanied by an excellent colour pallet that creates a brilliant atmosphere, that works particularly well in night scenes, showing different colours of light spilling onto characters.snow dark

The first issue is extremely strong introducing you to the characters and the world through some incredibly strong sequences, one that particularly stands out is when the economic state is explained to the reader through some excellently written narration and some great shots that show the contrast between the wealthy and poor.
The narrative is interesting and will have you wanting to know more immediately, with a strong premise and excellent visual style this is definitely a series worth supporting.

Currently there are two issues available with links Listed at the top of article and also a free preview comprised  some rough panels and concept art

snow dar 2snow cover