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Scallops hotel – Plain Speaking

plain speaking

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12 tracks
Length: 31 mins

Scallops hotel – Plain Speaking

Plain Speaking is the second EP dropped by Wisconsin born rapper Milo under the pseudonym Scallops Hotel.

Milo is a 23 year old rapper started to make waves in the online indie rap scene with his first solo mix-tape “I Wish my Brother Rob was Here (2011)”, which began to build a fan base for the young artists through his unapologetically nerdy, introspective and philosophical lyrics.
Since he began releasing music in 2010 Milo has gone on to join the independent label Hellfyre club and has dropped 5 E.P.s and one full length album.

His latest release Plain Speaking see’s Milo releasing under the name Scallops Hotel for the second time. The sound on this album retains Milo’s typical soft mellow synths and samples, which are used to create some beautifully abstract instrumentals, combined with some interesting Flying Lotus inspired beats. This collection of tracks delivers the length of an album with the concept of an E.P as some of the 12 tracks are short, experimental interludes such as Sabil’s lullaby, Ticktocker and Birther.

Notable Tracks

Gnosis, Black Nationalism, Rice – The opening track to this album kicks things off with a beautifully simple laid back instrumental that Milo raps smoothly over, with an extremely natural flow. Milo bounces from subject to subject in his typical fashion, to which he references himself with the line “I’m a clumsy thinker”.

Lavender chunk ft. Hemlock Ernst – A short and sweet track that opens up on a classic rap beat accompanied by a wavy synth melody, that immediately evokes a feeling of nostalgia and works incredibly well with Hemlock Ernst’s verse. Ernst raps about ex lovers and his thought process as he’s going through a break up.
Milo’s verse is shorter than Ernst’s but still has some great lines, such as how he doesn’t care about “first place ribbons” and goes on to say he needs more than that.
The hook of this track has both rappers singing “that’s why I have to write so many rap songs, brothers like me don’t live too long”, possibly referencing how finite the length of an artist’s career can be these days.

Glottal Stop ft. – A fast paced, up tempo, track built upon a heavily reverbed piano sample, coupled with a simple yet effective beat that creates a classic feeling track.
With both rappers delivering solid bars and great flow, this track will easily have you bouncing along..


Plain Speaking is an interesting E.P that provides some solid tracks and also experiments enough to keep things interesting. Fans of Milo’s brand of intellectual and introspective rap should definitely check out this album. We’d be interested to see Milo build upon some of the ideas he puts forth on this E.P. in future works.