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Oldboy – Netflix Pick of the Week


Released 2003

Director: Park Chan-wook
Available:UK & US Netflix


Oldboy follows the main character Oh Dae-su an ordinary Man who is abducted and isolated away from the world for 15 years for seemingly no reason.
When he is released he finds himself equipped with a Cellphone and money, of which Dae-su uses to try and find his captor to exact his revenge. However, this is all part of the captor’s greater plan to which he has laid out a path of pain and anguish for Dae-su.
Old boy is an excellent film overall, it’s masterfully directed and excellently acted.

It’s a powerful story fuelled by the character’s raw desire for revenge; this leads to some incredibly brutal scenes and, at points, is not for the faint of heart, however the film is not completely overpowered by this, as it retains a lot of the typical charm you find in Korean cinema. Particularly it’s quirky and memorable characters that manage to add a light level of humour to the film.

If you like grind house films such as pulp fiction and have an interest in Asian cinema you should definitely check out Old boy.
Soon after watching this Park Chan Wook became one of my favourite directors, and this film left a lasting impression on me that I won’t forget.

There is an American remake of this film that came out recently and was directed by Spike Lee however from what we’ve heard you’re best off sticking to the original Korean film which is available to stream on both the UK and US Netflix right now.