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Monument Valley – Review

Developed by Ustwo
Available now on IOSAndroidKindle
Price: £2.49


Monument valley

Monument Valley

“Visually breathtaking, the best mobile game I have ever played”

When you look at the mobile games market it’s hard not to have the preconception that, the only games made for the platform are simple games that lack any real substance, however monument valley shattered that preconception for me.

Monument valley is a game from ustwogames in which you guide the character Ida to reach the top of these monuments to seek forgiveness, however the larger story is left up to the player to debate.
The gameplay is focused around solving environmental puzzles that have you manipulating the perspective of the stages to progress further. These puzzles are simple and elegant and never feel too frustrating or simple.
Monument valley has a very pure modern minimalistic art style that immediately catches the eye and you won’t soon forget. Every level is so beautifully and uniquely designed, each and ever level feels as though it should be framed.
You can tell that the entire team all have a great appreciation for both art and game design as the aesthetic style and gameplay marry together perfectly in the most natural sense. As soon as you see a monument towering up, you immediately you want to climb up higher and explore.

I cannot recommend this game enough and, if you have played Monument valley before, Ustwo recently released the Forgotten Shores pack adding 8 new levels to the game that are well worth playing.

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