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Millencolin True Brew


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Label – Epitaph
Release Date – 27th April 2015

Millencolin True Brew

True brew is the 8th studio album by Swedish punk rockers Millencolin. This is Millencolin’s first full length studio album since their 2008 release “Machine 15”, which left some fans feeling disappointed due to the slower tempo rock-influenced sound.
However, True Brew returns to their roots of up-tempo punk rock with a twinge of melancholy; which is bound to please fans – but does it offer enough to keep the band’s sound fresh?

The Sound

True Brew feels like a breath of fresh with most punk rock/pop relying on screamo/shouted vocals, which we have no problem with but it feels quite overdone and almost ubiquitous at this point.
True Brew however stays to true to the traditional punk rock sound from the 90’s with its simplistic yet catchy riffs featuring driving drums, distorted guitars held together by solid bass lines that bounce up and down throughout the album. The album is fast paced yet filled with emotion as tracks focus on the darker side of life – at times even offering advice.

Notable Tracks – Listen on Youtube

1 Egocentric man – A good opener to the album easing you in with a lone guitar which is quickly pounced on by the rest band as they erupt into the song, this song is immediately catchy and sets you up for the rest of the album by introducing you to the classic Millencolin sound.

2 Chameleon – Is another solid track with a more upbeat song featuring a brighter sound overall. The bright sound coupled with the song’s lyrics focus on how people shouldn’t try to please everyone by “changing their colours” and “should focus on the things they cherish”. This song has an excellent sentiment, alongside some really solid instrumentals that could easily become a live staple for the band.

6 True Brew – The title track of the album is another upbeat track that focuses on the bands desire to spend their time creating something that they feel is “true”, possibly highlighting why there has been such a long gap since the last full length album.

8 Wall of Doubt – This track opens quietly with a piano riff, which is then quickly overtaken by the band coming in at full force. This track is interesting because it switches effortlessly between different tempos; with the drums powerfully crashing at the first half of the chorus letting guitars ring out in an anthem-like fashion; only to blast right back into a fast paced punk rock rhythm for the latter half of the chorus.


Overall Millencolin’s True Brew is an excellent Punk rock album because of it’s solid structure, catchy riffs and vocal hooks that urge you to sing along. The only downside to this album is that it doesn’t really try to experiment too much and offers little in the way of variation nor does it add anything new to the punk rock formula. However, what is on offer here is incredibly solid and marks a definite return to form for Millencolin that’s sure to please fans.

If you’re are looking for a throwback to the sound of 90’s classic punk rock true brew is most definitely for you, it’s an album that blasts by, keeping the tempo up and rarely letting it slow down!

The full album is available to stream on YouTube if you’re interested in checking the album out, it’s where we had to listen to it as our Album we pre-ordered is currently being held hostage at Heathrow airport by royal mail.