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Mayflower Madame

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Mayflower Madame is an up-and-coming band native to Oslo, Norway. Mayflower Madame combines Darkwave (Bauhaus, Joy Division) with the neo-psychedelic movement (Crystal Stilts). Characterised by slow tempo beats and reverb-heavy instrumentation, Mayflower Madame create a brooding, dark sound.

Mayflower Madame released their EP “Into the Haze” in August 2013 and have since attended two of Norway’s biggest festivals (Norwegian Wood & Oyafestivalen). Mayflower Madame has also played as a supporting act to US bands: Night Beats, Crystal Stilts, Cosmonauts and Disappears. Their EP features tracks such as Hot Blood Shivering and Into the Haze that both combine brooding darkwave with neo-psychedelic elements to create a darker but similar sound to Crystal Stilts. The EP is an exciting release with emotion and atmosphere but allows room for the listener to ruminate.

We’ve received a preview to Mayflower Madame’s upcoming debut album that is expected September 2015. The preview is in form of the album’s single Lovesick. The track has a strong beat that lays a brilliant rhythm for the other instrumentation. As the song progresses we are introduced to a louder, almost “Wall of noise” shoegaze sound scape. The instrumentation includes the familiar reverb-heavy slow tempo guitars and brooding vocals, however this track includes a soft backing synth. The instrumentation, and synth elements, creates a mystical, dark sound that is combined with the rock volume and increasing tempo to create a brilliant, rocking track.

The new track, Lovesick, displays Mayflower Madame’s progression from their EP, which required little improvement to begin with. I am very excited to see what the band bring us with their debut album in September and I wish them they very best success with the release.