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Matt Lombard


Matt Lombard

Matt Lombard’s art combines a macabre, dark world with a familiar pain and anguish. Ranging from torturous scenes, to empowering figures and sexualisation, each piece of Lombard’s art differs so distinctly from the other.

Images such as Speaking in Tongues and Dies Imperii show an inspiration from religion combined with decaying, tortured figures to form a very gothic aesthetic. The use of clean, balanced black and white photography creates a fascinating contrast. Many pieces of Lombard’s work, such as Devil the Decapitation and The Adoration of Artimis use an aged, decaying aesthetic that frequently frames a shot as well as creating a brilliant atmosphere.

Atmosphere can be described as one of the strongest factors of Lombard’s work. In Death Comes: Inferno and Moonrise are two examples of Lombard setting a real sense of place and intense atmosphere. Each piece has a different feeling of pain or anguish framed within a location of horror ambience.

Lombard has also created pieces that focus more on the character, as opposed to the location or scene. Disciples of Seven III is a very strong example of Lombard’s character-focused work, this piece shows a more empowered character; as opposed to the decay or pain sensed in others. This piece is particularly special as it is a study of human anatomy combined with a monstrous creation of macabre Horror.

Lombard has collaborated with clients such as Black Metal group Cradle of Filth‘s (Nymphetamine) but also tours his work to shows such as NYC’s Unseen Art show. You can also find a vast catalogue of Lombard’s art at; where you can also purchase a select range of Lombard’s prints.