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Martin Gore MG

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Depeche Mode founding member, Martin Gore, released his new solo album MG in April 2015. MG is an electronic instrumental album that ranges from relaxing Chill to 80s Darkwave and occasional elements of Industrial and EDM. I found a preview of MG on Soundcloud a few months ago, without digging deep to find out more I put the album’s release date in our schedule and moved on. To discover this album was created by Martin Gore from Depeche Mode was a pleasant surprise but also acts as a statement on how different the album is to DM.

A brief on Martin Gore

A key member of Depeche Mode, Gore is noted for writing tracks such as Personal Jesus, Enjoy the Silence and People are People. Back in 2003, Gore produced the solo album Counterfeit2 – an album with Depeche Mode influence combining alt rock and electronic instrumentation. In 2012, Gore worked with Depeche Mode’s Vincent Clarke to produce the Trance electro album VCMG – the album is heavy in trance influence. Now in 2015, with Gore’s latest album MG; another step further down the electronic route.

Notable tracks: MG

MG is a complex and varied collection of 16 instrumental electronic tracks. The single of the album, EuropaHymn, uses a strong beat combined with peaceful synth elements resulting in a brilliant chill track, perfect for rumination. Exalt uses dark brooding synths that blend together, creating a shoegaze-soundscape with an overall dark tone. Tracks such as Spiral and Stealth have a dark sci-fi mood, reminiscent of Game soundtracks such as N64’s Perfect Dark. Crowly is an interesting track that combines soothing synth work with EDM style instrumentation resulting in a unique, yet slightly confusing, combination of rhythm and tone.


Martin Gore has always been considered a brilliant songwriter and performer and MG is no exception to the rule. Each track allows room for the listener to meditate in thought. Each element of the song structures flow perfectly and progress into unique and outstanding sound scapes. As stated, this is a long and complex electronic album; quite dissimilar to Gore’s previous work but ultimately very enjoyable for fans of electronic music.