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Marika Hackman – We Slept At Last


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Marika Hackman graces us with a most intricate and refreshing album which will keep you curious for more

Hackman’s voice takes you elsewhere as you listen to the delicate guitar rhythms and educated lyrics. The album sets a beautiful scene and will leave a lasting impression.

The first stand-out track is ‘Before I Sleep’, which begins with harrowing vocals, and leads to a simplistic yet powerful journey of emotion. She takes inspiration from Robert Frost’s Stanza ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’. The track itself casts the mental image of a snowy scene. It is stripped down to emphasise the guitar, and lets the music talk for itself. It is a deep and extensive track.
Open Wide, track number 4, has grunge-influenced instrumentation and shows a slightly different side to the Marika we know. The track begins with a nirvana-esque riff, progressing to chilling vocals, and climaxing with an epic chorus. The track features sounds such as as a fire extinguisher and a saucepan around the mid-section, which adds extra eeriness, but a fresh sound to the landscape.
Claude’s Girl is a showcase of Marika’s talent as a singer/songwriter. The production takes a minimalist approach; stripped back to just vocals and her guitar. She created this lullaby to help herself sleep, it takes inspiration from ‘The Girl with the Flaxen Hair’ by Claude Debussy. The track aims to deal with the struggle of restless minds and, as intended, helps the listener to switch off.
Monday afternoon Marika’s earliest track on the album and was taken in a single live recording. She later added violin, cello and recorders in different rooms and added them to the production in unison. The sparing guitar sound gives a refreshing change when listening to the album in full.
We Slept at Last is a expertly crafted and beautiful in it’s entirety. Considering this is her debut album, We Slept at Last lands Marika as a musician to watch in the near future. This isn’t the last we’ll hear from Marika, and quite frankly, we’re glad.