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Luke Chueh – Paintings, Toys and Kickstarter

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Luke Chueh – Paintings, Toys and Kickstarter

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Who is Luke Chueh
Luke Chueh is an artist, graphic designer and figurine designer. His style is characterised with elements of comic book inking, vivid acrylic colours and violence. Chueh frequently features his iconic white Bear character, usually in humiliating or self mutilating situations. However, Chueh’s work will also focus on other animals, characters and pop culture references.

Luke Chueh’s work tours galleries across America, Chueh also works on commissions such as the Fall Out Boy album Folie à Deux. As well as his paintings, Chueh produces Designer toys (or figurines); these are collectibles, particularly when designed by an artist such as Luke Chueh. A popular example of designer toys are the mass produced Pop! Vinyl figurines, these are generally sold at a cheaper price and cover a vast range of pop culture.

Designer Toys
Luke Chueh’s figurines are quite significant in the designer toy world – you’ll regularly see them as Sold Out due to the high demand and small production number. Chueh will usually design his toys based on his popular artwork, creating a 3-D model of the character engaged in violence or empowerment. Chueh’s toys can come in a variety of coloured plastic vinyl, adding to the collectability of each release.

Kickstarter Campaign
In the next 3 days (starting 05/05/2015), Luke Chueh has a Kickstarter campaign for a collection of his designer toys. This campaign is in collaboration with Clutter Magazine, an online and print magazine that delves deep into the world of Designer Toys. The toy this campaign is based on is a half Bear/half Human skull head. The toy is based on a Luke Chueh painting of the same design, called Dissected. The campaign shows the different varieties the toys come av