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Lecherous Gaze – Zeta Reticuli Blues


Lecherous Gaze – Zeta Reticuli Blues

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Lecherous Gaze are a Californian Rock band that combine psychedelic and hard rock with elements of punk and metal. Put better themselves as “Psycho-delic, shred-tastic, ultra-hypened, rock-punk heavy jams”. Their influences are “Chuck Berry, the Damned, and most the stuff that came in between”.

The Band

Lecherous Gaze are signed to Tee Pee Records, a company that appropriately sell classic Fishtail skateboards as well as records by psychedelic rock and metal groups. Lecherous Gaze formed in 2010, they have since released 2 LPs; On the Skids (2012) and Zeta Reticuli Blues (2014). They have toured the States and Europe; although it doesn’t appear that Lecherous Gaze have hit the United Kingdom yet. Lecherous Gaze has a strong image of Californian punk rock, promoting themselves with surf punk artwork.

Zeta Reticuli Blues

Lecherous Gaze’s newest album was released in 2014, it’s a brilliant LP that combines hard rock with Californian punk rock. Zaidi’s vocals are similar to Butthole surfers, with a raspy, snarling delivery. The instrumentation of the album has great rhythm with unique guitar work. Lecherous Gaze have created a unique sound combining hard rock, Californian punk and psychedelic rock.

Notable tracks

New Distortion – The track starts with a melodic riff with a lot of reverb, as the drums come hammering in the song kicks off. This song is a showcase of Lecherous Gaze’s tone and style; all instrumentation, including the vocals, complements each other perfectly despite the difference in influence.

Baby Please don’t Go An up-tempo, rolling drumbeat lays ground for a punk-wall-of-noise style intro. Zaidi’s raspy, smoke aged vocals accompany melodic guitar riffs, which flow with the faster flow of the song.  This is a great soundtrack for tearing down the road with the sun glaring.

Night’s edge – A track with a unique sound, particularly the guitar work. Using the familiar Hard rock/Californian punk vibe, this track uses a melodic guitar riff that rings out with a brilliant sound.


Lecherous Gaze is a very unique band that combines many genres of music with brilliant rhythm and understanding. Each member has a lot of talent and a unique sound to bring to the project, which results in this significant sound and tone. Zeta Reticuli Blues is a very strong album with lots of character, brilliant instrumentation and a fusion of many sounds to create what can only be called the Lecherous Gaze sound.