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Lazerhawk is a one-man musical project, that man is Garrett Hays of Austin, Texas. Hays is also a co-founder of Lazerhawk’s record label: Rosso Corsa Records.

The first, and most obvious, aspect of Lazerhawk (and Rosso Corsa Records) is the heavy influence of the 1980s. Lazerhawk are openly inspired by electronic artists, action films and film soundtracks popular in the 1980s. The tracks re-invent the sounds and imagery of 1980 classics such as They Live (1988) To Live and Die in LA (1985) and both the ever-popular Tron (1982) and Knight Rider (1982) series. Some modern examples of the imagery that suits Lazerhawk’s music are Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Drive (2011).

Lazerhawk rarely feature vocals or lyrics and for this reason would appeal to fans of instrumental recordings or Film soundtracks. Interestingly, each song by Lazerhawk builds up a mental narrative; very similarly to a Film soundtrack. Alongside sound clips such as Engines roaring and Bells tolling Lazerhawk’s music creates a unique soundscape.

If you enjoy getting ‘lost’ in your music and having a good daydream then this format of music writing is definitely worth a listen.


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