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Kubbi Ember


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Kubbi Ember

Kubbi is an online independent musician from Norway who makes some amazing chiptune music. Ember Is Kubbi’s latest full length album offering up 9 tracks of excellent chiptune tracks, that will have you humming their melodies for weeks!


For those of you how don’t know, chiptune is a genre of electronic music that is created by using retro video consoles and computer parts to create synth sounds that might sound familiar to you, if you played video games back in the late 80’s & early 90’s. The sound of chiptune has a heavy focus on melody and the style of music can vary to anything but usually sounds like a combination of rock and EDM. If you’re are a fan of electronic music and enjoy happy sounding with thumping bass lines you’ll no doubt find some enjoyment in Kubbi’s Ember.


Kubbi’s music uses a combination of chiptune sounds whilst using practical instruments also, leading to a sound that embraces everything typically found in the chiptune genre whilst not limiting the sound to strictly chiptune based synths. This can lead to decent amount of variation with a number of different guitar tones complementing the bit crushed snyths as well as a number of contemporary sounding synths and effects.  Ember is a great album that has a wonderfully positive energy that can be instantly uplifting. The album flies by and you can easily find yourself listening to it on loop again and again as one track flows seamlessly into the another.

Track Breakdown

Pathfinder – A beautiful to track on start with that draws you in with it’s beautiful opening synth which gradually eases you into the song with its soft melody, before blasting into a powerful verse with a strong steady rhythm. The track has an excellent vibe which conjures up feeling of mystery and exploration.

Ember – Is a track what will no doubt get stuck in your head with an immediately catchy backing synth with an infectious melody and bouncy rhythm.

Firelight- Starting with a guitar you immediately pick up the strong driving feel of this track, that only slows for brief reprieves before coming back in more powerful than ever. This track has a strong and confident vibe that will have you bobbing your head along to it in no time.

Cascade – Starts off with a smooth synth line that quickly starts to speed up, leading into a dubstep style drop which has the song taking on a funky glitch mob-esk dance section with some extremely catchy synth variations.

Compass – Is another great track, with a strong steady rhythm driving the song, which gives the track a powerful almost triumphant feeling.

Overworld – Wastes no time getting into track blasting into a bouncy upbeat rhythm that wouldn’t feel out of place in retro inspired game.

The Cairn – Is a master class of powerful upbeat melody combined with an excellent rhythm that will have you bouncing along every time to chorus come around

Restoration – Is a great ballad like track that starts to bring the tempo of the album down preparing you for the closing track of the album, whilst still offering enough upbeat tempos and fast paced melodies to keep the track full of energy.

Formed by Glaciers – A beautiful slow track that has some really great instrumentation that creates some really interesting textures, the track starts with a soft muted piano that carries on throughout the track serving as the backbone whilst other sounds glide in over it. This track as a wonderful elegant sound and serves as a perfect closer to album