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Joshua Harker

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Joshua Harker is an American artist, specialising in 3D printed Art and sculpture. His Tangle series of sculptures are credited in pushing the threshold of manufacturing possibility. Harker states “I incorporate digital tools, software, & technology in my work not only out of utter necessity in the forms I make but also that I feel absolutely compelled to make art with it, to humanize the inhuman as we’ve done with stone, clay, metal, & wood”.

Tangles are intended to interpret and share forms evident in the mind’s eye but that cannot otherwise be described”
Harker’s Tangle sculptures are magnificent in the intricacy and impossibility of their design. Each curl, swirl and movement of the sculpture shares a purpose; close-up they can appear messy but has a whole each design is precise and beautiful.

idio-aberrance sublimation-erotique-wht






21st Century self portrait
Harker’s 21st century self portrait is a 3D printed mask (and brain) based on a scan of the artist’s face/head. Combined with a filigree pattern and anthropomorphic design the 21st century self portrait is a beautiful design, reminiscent of Gunther Von Hagens’ Plasticisation Blood vessels. Additionally, if you have access to a 3D-scanner you can upload your 3D data and buy your very own self portrait mask.

profile self-portrait-iso-1000






Quixotic Divinity Headdress
In 2013, Harker entered the fashion realm with his 3D-printed Quixotic headdress, described as a combination of Native American, Latin, African and Asian headdresses and masks. This project is truly the headdress of all headdresses. Requiring nearly 200 hours of design time alone, the headdress is exquisite with a huge amount of detail and accuracy. The face mask section can be lowered to reveal the wearer’s identity and becomes a floating bodice.

Joshua-Harker-Quixotic-Divinity-12_lores Quixotic-Divinity-_oblique-view1_lores






Joshua Harker is bringing artistic sculpture into the 21st century, using cutting edge technology and software with his complex and beautiful designs. 3D printing has had a large buzz for many years, making mass production a cheaper more accessible work tool. However, Joshua Harker brings a new and impressive use of the technology with each and every project. We’ve only discussed a mere fraction of Harker’s vast collection of work, please visit his site for more of his work.