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Gravity Falls


Gravity Falls is an animated series produced for the Disney Channel. Based on a short student project by, series creator, Alex Hirsch the series now boasts 2 seasons and 17 shorts, which were aired during ad breaks.

What’s it all about..

Gravity Falls follows Dipper and his Twin sister Mabel as they stay with their Grunkle (great-uncle) Stan. Gravity Falls is a quaint wooded town with quirky characters and animals. However, from the first episode Dipper discovers a mysterious book that exposes the details on bizarre monsters and creatures hidden in the town. As the show progresses Dipper and Mabel discover more behind this mysterious book and Gravity Falls’ secrets. Meanwhile, “Grunkle” Stan manages a strange museum of daft artefacts, called “the Mystery Shack”. Mabel and Dipper befriend two colleagues of the Mystery Shack, who join the twins on their adventures.

Don’t dismiss a Disney cartoon too soon..

This series shouldn’t be devalued as a “Kid’s show” simply for it’s broadcast on the Disney Channel. The show is very funny and remains relevant with great pop-culture and videogame humour, eccentric characters and strong visuals. The humour is more grounded and significant than Adventure Time but it wouldn’t surprise me if fans of Adventure Time adopted Gravity Falls as a new favourite.

As the story Progresses..

The episodes of Gravity Falls have a great balance between fun adventure and story progression. There will be some episodes that use an adventure’s plot to progress the underlying mysterof the town but others that focus on a new character or brilliant cultural reference. You’ll find yourself hooked by the lure of mystery whilst enjoying the unique characters and creatures of the town.

Noteworthy references/secrets

The tagline for Gravity Falls could certainly be “look deeper” as the series contains many references, secrets and codes, here are a few favourites:


Hidden Cryptograms

“Blendin” Time traveler

List of homages/references