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Gojira – Magma


Gojira are a French, English-speaking, metal band usually categorised under “technical death metal” due to the intricacy of their writing.

I’ve only been aware of Gojira since 2011, when a local drummer showed me The Way of All Flesh to prove how impressive their drummer, Mario Duplantier, is. I would then hear the rest of their catalogue and be consistently impressed from start to finish. I bought L’enfant sauvage on its release and now their new release Magma, and for bragging rights the gold vinyl of The Link (get one, its killer).

The new album upholds the quality and style that Gojira have laid before this release. With interesting use of effects and writing each song is unique and hugely effective. Gojira continue to use rhythm particularly through djent-style chugging and Duplantier’s artillery drumming, which make each track easy to follow and enjoy. Joe Duplantier, vocalist and rhythm guitarist, has a controlled brutality to his vocals that act as the finishing touch to a perfect metal performance.

The Duplantier brothers previously performed as an avant-garde metal group. It seems fair to say that their interest in avant-garde, experimental metal is present when writing for Gojira. Particular use of effects, vocal verses and structural changes make Gojira a unique metal band whilst widely accessible at the same time.

A few notable tracks
Whilst the album truly has no “filler”, here are a few tracks that I tend to replay A LOT:

The Shooting star – Silvera – Stranded – Magma

If you’re big on metal, albums with a strong presence of rhythm or looking for something heavy then Magma is a great purchase. Gojira are fantastic in avoiding stale music writing and are, quite easily, one of the most important bands in metal right now.