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Final Fantasy Soundtracks



Upon the release of Final Fantasy Type 0 (HD) we’re going to discuss the Music from the Final Fantasy Game series.

The Game series
Final Fantasy has grown from a single title release in 1987 into a large franchise with a very dedicated fan-base. The main game series has 14 releases to date with a demo of upcoming FF XV packaged with Type 0 HD. The games vary as stand-alone stories but typically feature similar elements such as game mechanics and character names.

What makes these soundtracks so special?

The soundtracks of the Final Fantasy game series have become legendary themselves. The scores can vary between light-hearted to dramatic battle orchestras. As with the evolution of the technology, the music progresses from chip-tune (classic 8-bit style music) to full symphonic orchestras. This evolution, and the variety of styles, makes Final Fantasy’s music a true phenomenon in the Gaming world.

Who created the music?

Nobuo Uematsu is the main composer of the Final Fantasy soundtracks; however there are other notable composers such as Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta and Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Notable Tracks from the series

Otherworld (Final Fantasy X)

A Heavy metal track played during a battle with Jecht, often rumoured that Rammstein were involved (and by the style of the song you can tell why!)

Born Anew (Final Fantasy XIII)

The first part of the Final Boss theme, this track is an incredibly dramatic orchestral piece with vocals

One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII)

This is a very popular track from the game franchise. It is another Final Battle theme with an interesting combination of dramatic orchestral pieces with vocals and synth Brass instruments.

Dark Messenger (Final Fantasy IX)

An interesting, slightly funky, track combining crashing drums, synth electric guitars and strings. 

Fight On! (Final Fantasy VII)

Another track using synth Electric guitars, this time combined with melodic Organ keys. This song has a strong rhythm and flow.

Of course, considering the vast number of tracks across the franchise there will be some debate over the best tracks out of the series. However, I feel these are some notable tracks to show the style and power the soundtracks hold within. I hope these songs inspire you to listen further, whether you’re new to the series or are a committed fan.