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Ellie Davies Photography

EllieDaviesLondon-based photographer, Ellie Davies, specialises in Wood/Forest photography. Her work has showcased in galleries around the World.

Davies states her work “explores the complex interrelationship between the landscape and the individual”. Davies’ work certainly displays Human’s use of, and impact on, the Woodland. Namely, Davies’ collection “Smoke and Mirrors Heathland” from 2013 is a stunning depiction of scarce land surrounding feeble trees.

Davies’ understanding of, and experience within, nature flows gloriously throughout her collections. In quotation, “Forests are potent symbols in folklore, fairy tale and myth, places of enchantment and magic as well as of danger and mystery”.The-Gloaming-5

This appreciation of folklore, fairy tale and myth enriches Davies’ work with a magic and mystery of its own. Collections such as “Stars, 2014” and “The Gloaming” are strong examples of this magic and beauty.

Stars, 2014

This collection uses rich, deep forest tones combined with Hubble telescope photography. The results are truly magical; reminiscent of fairy tales and the atmosphere of the Zelda game series.

Come With Me

This collection uses the concept of a natural trail. The trails consist of mysterious leaves, plants and colour. Come With Me is another example of Davies’ work that is truly inspiring and appear to be pulled straight from a tale.

I’ve always been inspired by nature in my own artwork and Filmmaking and Ellie Davies’ photography simply pushes me to want to write, draw and create. Davies’ work is inspiring, mystical and I’m sure it stands out with enchanting beauty during exhibitions.









All Images in this article are Credited to Ellie Davies ( Photos included: 9, 10 from Stars 2014, 3 from The Gloaming, 1 from Smoke and Mirrors Heathland