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Death Grips The Powers that B



Experimental Hip-hop internet sensation Death Grips break out the second part of their album The Powers That B.

The Powers That B is a double-album and the fourth studio album by the group. The first part of the album, Niggas on the Moon, was released on June 2014. Finally, on March 19th 2015, the second part ‘Jenny Death’ explodes out.

An introduction to Death Grips
Death Grips are an experimental Hip Hop group that combine electronic music, samples, MC Ride’s rapping with guitar and drum tracks. The end result is a hard-hitting musical project with a Punk approach. In a message stating their suspected hiatus Death Grips describe themselves as ” a conceptual art exhibition anchored by sound and vision”. This statement relates to the group’s bizarre music video projects and their experimental approach to electronic music and hip hop. Their hiatus was recently retracted via Facebook when the group said they might “make some more”.

They gained notoriety on the internet through leaking albums for free. The group have previously released two albums; Exmilitary and Government Plates for free on their website (these albums are still available for download on their site). Death Grips also leaked their album NO LOVE DEEP WEB despite an upcoming release with their label Epic. In spite, they allegedly released the e-mails sent by Epic after the incident. 

About the album; The Powers that B’

Part One: Niggas on the Moon
The Powers that B is a two-part album. The first part, Niggas on the Moon, features samples from Icelandic artist Bjork. The album was a move to a more accessible approach. Despite this, the first part of Powers that B features great tracks such as “Black Quarterback” and “Say Hey Kid”. With only 8 tracks, Niggas on the Moon originally felt quite short without it’s counterpart; Jenny Death.

Part Two: Jenny Death
Jenny Death was released nearly a year after Niggas on the Moon thus completing and allowing the release of The Powers that B. Jenny Death is a very solid example of Death Grip’s musical ability. Again, it is a more accessible approach to the experimental punk hip hop style. The use of electronic and traditional instruments in Jenny Death is some of Zach Hill’s greatest work. “On GP” was released on youtube as a single preview before the leak and release of Jenny Death, the track was an incredible introduction to the album. Full of power and confidence, Jenny Death is quite possibly the better side of what is an incredible double-pack album.

Notable Tracks

Black Quarterback

Say Hey Kid

Why a Bitch Gotta Lie

The Powers that B

Centuries of Damn