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Dark Echo

dark echo

Developer – RAC7
Available now – IOSAndroid Amazon

Dark Echo

Dark echo is an interesting game that attempts to put the player in the shoes of a blind character trapped in a dark labyrinth filled with vicious creatures, which track you through every sound you make.

You awake in a dark room, the only thing you can see is your footprints; as you take a step forward sound waves scatter out from each step spreading out bouncing off every surface letting you see the area that lays ahead of you.
This is a really interesting and unique idea that works well to convey the notion that you’re seeing through sound. Something as simple as the sound of water dripping from the ceiling creates a small beacon in the distance letting you know to head in that direction. This visual style is extremely simple but also captivating can create some really eye catching moments, that perfectly convey the feeling of seeing through sound.
There are a number of different mechanics in the game that let you create different sounds to see in different ways, walking creates a moderate amount of sound allowing to see your surroundings quite well, there’s a clap that can be performed by tapping your characters location that creates a loud sound which allows you to see a greater area of the level. These mechanics are your only method of seeing the landscape however that comes at a price. There are numerous enemies lurking in the shadows that are attracted to every sound they hear, these enemies are an interesting dynamic that adds an element of danger to your exploration, these enemies can however be tricked and avoided, by throwing rocks to lure them away from you, and by sneaking which allows you to move while barely making a sound, however whilst doing this you can barely see what is in front of you ensuring that you cannot simply sneak through an entire level easily.

Overall, Dark Echo is a great that is definitely worth your time; it’s a simple game with a brilliant premise with an aesthetic style that works perfectly.