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Joshua Harker

Joshua Harker is an American artist, specialising in 3D printing – with intricate, beautiful designs Harker combines technology with art, bringing sculpting to the 21st century


Matt Lombard

Matt Lombard’s art combines a macabre, dark world with a familiar pain and anguish. Ranging from torturous scenes, to empowering figures and sexualisation, each piece of Lombard’s art differs so distinctly from the other


When Marnie was There

When Marnie was There could be the last feature film by Studio Ghibli – Full of sentiment and beauty this would be the perfect goodbye


Snow: The Dawn

An immediately captivating independent graphic novel with an intriguing setting and excellent visual style


Over The Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall combines the charm of the Brothers Grimm with the Horror elements of Ichabod and Mr.Toad to make a charming, brilliant animation


Tie Fighter

An independently created short animation that re-imagines the star wars universe in an 80’s anime aesthetic


Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is a quaint wooded town with big secrets and mystery. We discuss this hilarious and captivating series #illuminati

Bad soul

Bad Soul – Nicole Rodriguez

Bad Soul – Nicole Rodriguez an online independent comic book, It’s the story of a robot lost in a strange swampy apocalypse land trying to find his purpose