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Blue is the Warmest Colour – Netflix Pick of the Week

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Blue is the warmest Colour

This week we are recommending Blue is the warmest colour.

Just a quick warning upfront there are some extremely graphic sex scenes and a lot of nudity so if that sort of thing offends you, this might not be for you.

Blue is the warmest colour is French film that follows the lead character Adele who is a young girl in high school who is starting to explore herself as a woman.  Adele soon meets Emma and is immediately captivated by her and the two begin to build a relationship. The film follows Adele as she grows up with Emma becomes an adult showing how they themselves grow and change and how their relationship changes along with them.

The film is extremely well crafted all of the performances are practically flawless you often forget that you watching a scripted film, because of how realistic the dialogue and performances are. Also the relationship between the two characters feel extremely real and is a more true to life depiction than you would see in most films. The film has a great character arc, showing a real progression in Adele’s character as she matures, begins to find herself and has to make make adult decisions.

If you like foreign cinema or just enjoy films that explore a character and how they develop and change throughout their lives check out this film. It’s extremely powerful and quickly became one of my favourite films.

Also it’s worth noting that this is actually based on a graphic novel by the same name so if you’ve seen the film before perhaps you might want to check that out