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Blackfish – Netfilx Pick of the Week



Available now on UK/US Netflix 


Blackfish is a controversial documentary about the captivity of Killer whales, mostly focusing around theme parks such as SeaWorld.

Upfront we’re going to let you know this documentary is not an easy watch, it shows some harsh realities of what happens to animals kept in captivity, however that being said we really think that these are extremely important issues that warrant confronting in order to put a stop to them.
So If you feel strongly about animal rights definitely watch this film, if feel you wouldn’t be comfortable watching this film then please recommend it to a friend to watch, these are issues & practices that simply cannot continue.

The Documentary follows Tilikum a Killer whale living in captivity that has taken the lives of several people, yet is still kept in captivity to this day.
Most of the perspective from this film is given to you through interviews with ex Seaworld trainers. So to get the truth from behind the façade of seaworld, the film also interviews a fisherman who had previously been employed to capture whales for Seaworld.

Blackfish is very well put together, the interviews are well shot and the extent of the archived footage is excellent; you get to see footage from almost every incident that this mentioned, nothing is left up to the imagination.

This film is powerful, moving and incredibly important. Films that highlight issues in the world can be easily hidden and passed over in society, you should definitely watch this film and share it with as many people as you can. Seaworld needs to be stopped as they are profiteering from the mistreatment of these animals, which is completely unethical.