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Attack on Titan (2013)



Attack on Titan is a Japanese animation (Anime) based on a Japanese comic (Manga) of the same name.

The Manga currently consists of 15 issues, whilst the Anime has one full season (25 episodes) with the next season expected in 2016. The series is, as usual, translated for the English market in both formats.

The franchise has become massively successful overtime; with the Manga selling over 45 million copies as of Nov 2014. We will discuss the successful Anime series, currently available on Netflix, in this article.

Attack on Titan (2013) has an incredible plot that is expertly written and grips from the first episode (a claim that can’t be made for all series). It’s certainly a series that boasts cliff-hanging episodes; perfect for the “binge” culture of the digital age.

In year 845, Eren, a young resident of a walled city, is one of the few remaining thousands of the Human race. Humans have been consumed, assumingly for sport, by huge Humanoid creatures. These creatures, the Titans, don’t say a word as they charge the cities and consume Humans whole. However, there are troops in place to help defend the cities within the circular walls.

The series, whilst incredibly brutal, has a very believable storyline and character development. Each character has an interesting story and unique personality; which of course makes the plot all the more gripping.

The dialogue in Attack on Titan is very believable and not once did a character create a faux pas or break the immersion. Although, I will add the program has its own dark humour; it takes itself seriously but has the charm of an Anime as you’d hope.

As mentioned, the series is incredibly brutal from start to finish. It has a similar ruthlessness to Game of Thrones with a relatively similar aesthetic and different regiments/cities involved. Attack on Titan manages to stay incredibly captivating and entertaining with its ruthless plotline, so don’t be put off.

The visuals and art style maintain the high standard set by previous Anime series. Interestingly, Attack on Titan combines the Anime 2D animation with occasional brilliant 3D animation. The switch between styles in Attack on Titan is seamless and only adds to the astonishing aesthetic of this unique series. Attack on Titan also prides itself with visually stunning and unique action sequences as characters use unique Zipline style transportation combined with massive blades and gymnastics.

The Attack on Titan first season has been abridged into a 119 minute feature film using both scenes from the Anime series and original content. This film would be useful for viewers new to Anime or quick watch of the series, however I do insist on watching the series to flesh out the characters and storyline.

Two live-action feature films are also expected for release this Summer (2015). However, there is little to report on these projects to date.

As reported by Orzzzz Universal studios Japan have an Attack on Titan themed event worth a look for fans of the Franchise.

This is an incredible animation series and shouldn’t be dismissed from viewers that don’t frequent Anime. Attack on Titan is a brilliant gateway to Japanese animation and a perfect addition to existing fans of the art.