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And We Should Die Of That Roar


And We Should Die Of That Roar

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And We Should Die of That Roar is a one-man musical project by Swedish musician, Hardy Hum. And We Should Die of That Roar can be described as a combination of country artist Jace Everett (True Blood theme) with Captain Beefheart’s Blues and delivery.

A truly unique, powerful and atmospheric experience And We Should Die of That Roar is truly worth a listen and supporting. Hardy Hum released the self-titled album And We Should Die of That Roar in November 2014 which received critical appraise from those that had the pleasure. Hardy has an upcoming EP titled Sense Woven Spells, which we have had the pleasure to preview.

About the Artist
With over 25 years of writing and playing music, Hardy Hum has perfected his combination of Country, Blues and Proto-Punk to form a unique style full of dark ambience. Hardy states “One thing I learned during my punk rock years, besides that whatever you do in music should matter, is that there is a real charm to be found in musical simplicity”. This quote flows truly throughout Hardy’s music, as his music structure is familiar yet every element has a belonging in the unique emotion and sense of place within And We Should Die Of That Roar.

Self-titled albumAnd We Should Die Of That Roar
Hardy’s album from November 2014 is a brilliant full-length album with tons of character, passion and atmosphere. We’ll describe a few tracks from Hardy’s debut album but the tracks truly vary throughout the album, which should be listened to in its entirety.

Sometimes is a classic hard rock track featuring blues elements with a real Southern American vibe. Hardy’s vocals drive power and emotion as his guitar rings out gnarly distorted riffs to a smooth beat.

Brittle Hand combines a strong rhythm with bold guitar work; with a sound that is reminiscent of Yiddish music.  Hardy’s vocals have the smoke-aged tone, not dissimilar to some Classic American rock artists.

Fear of Asteroids is a slower, more melodic offering from Hardy Hum. The track has the Whiskey-stained, smoke aged vibe that comes with the Southern American Country-Blues sound.

Upcoming EP – Sense Woven Spells
This EP has incredible production value for an independent artist such as Hardy Hum. Every note, every effect and every beat/rhythm holds a solid place within each track. The overall tone from this EP is similar to the And We Should Die of That Roar full length album but Hardy returns with more passion and heartache than before. If you’ve enjoyed the tracks from Hardy’s debut album, keep track of him via social media as this EP and Hardy as an artist are worth following.

And We Should Die of That Roar is a magnificent approach to Country-Blues Rock from Sweden of all places. The tone of each track is drenched in whiskey, aged with smoke and fired with emotion and power. Hardy is a very professional musician with a solid understanding of instrumentation, song structure and has a full grasp of his brilliant style.