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American Sniper (2014)

American Sniper crop psdDirector: Clint Eastwood
Starring: Bradley Cooper


If I was to sum up the Film American Sniper in one word it would be, Powerful. Copper delivers an excellent performance playing the late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle.

From the moment I saw the trailer for this film I was extremely curious to see this film, and given that I love Million Dollar Baby & Gran Torino both directed by Eastwood, I was ready for another emotional punch to gut and to me this film delivered that.
I’m not usually too interested by  military based films, however the expertly crafted trailer had my heart pounding and my mind a-buzz, with the personal implications of war and the situations someone would endure during their time in service.

I’m glad to say that the film delivered on the promise that the trailer displayed.
Eastwood delivers a powerful film that manages to grip from the start and feel incredibly invested with the Chris Kyle (Cooper).
The film opens on the scene shown in the cinematic trailer wasting no time in showing you the true nature of war and the situations that troops were exposed to.
From there we then get to see Kyle before he joined the navy, we see why he wants to join the military and we see his relationship with his wife blossom.
As the film goes on rival characters are quickly established works incredibly well to establish a personal goal for Kyle.

The film is paced excellently I never felt as if it was dragging as we jump through time smoothly never felling as if something had been glossed over or an opportunity had missed.
On a technical level the film is very solid; the acting Is well performed by the whole cast in particular Cooper who delivers his most personal performance to date, the camera work is good mostly standard shot except for the scope POV shoots, where we see directly though Kyle’s scope as he scouts an area and watches over his troops.

The one issue I have with the film however is the special effects did feel quite dated in places, for example some of the blood spray effects weren’t very convincing, some of the military artillery was added in postproduction, and also some of the satellite shots used later in the film had quite low texture detail.
However I can’t see these being a problem for most movie goers and it really didn’t affect my overall enjoyment of the film.
However though the infamous “fake baby” really did bother me and suck me out of the film.

Overall I would recommend seeing this film if the trailer interests you, you won’t be let down by it.
It’s a powerful film that shows the ambiguity of war and the affect that it has on the troops who have served.
I’d Compare it to Jarhead (2005) and Hurt Locker (2008) but not as cynical (jarhead) or farfetched (hurt locker)
If you are pro-war or anti-war I think it’s still I think you can enjoy the film either way.