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Adult Rappers

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Adult Rappers

the artists featured in this film represent all of us who are stuck in between being at the bottom and living the dream…

“Adult Rappers” is an independent documentary made by Paul Iannacchino Jr. that explores the reality of “working class rappers”, rappers who are getting by on their music but aren’t in the mainstream living an extravagant life style, but work to get by on their art.
The film is entirely comprised of interviews with over 30 rappers such as Slug, Open Mike Eagle, Cryptic one, Louis Logic, Masta Ace, J-zone & Murs to name a few, discussing their personal experiences and perceptions of what it’s like to be an adult rapper.

Adult Rappers is an excellent documentary that feels like a breath of fresh air, as the subject it explores is often passed over with most people wanting to focus on mainstream artists who’ve experienced massive success. Instead this documentary looks at independent artists who struggle to find a balance of pursuing their art and making a living. This is a much more down to earth look at rappers without all the ego & persona that comes along with the music industry. All of the rappers interviewed talk openly about everything from their inspirations when starting up, to the realities of the industry that they have to face.
It’s very moving to see these artists talk so openly about their craft and their life. This is definitely a must-watch documentary for anyone with an interest in hip hop, or the independent music scene.

It’s currently available to rent internationally on Vimeo on demand here: