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Acrassicauda Gilgamesh

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Acrassicauda, from the Vice documentary “Heavy Metal in Baghdad”, release their crowd-funded Thrash/Doom metal album Gilgamesh. As Kickstarter backers, we review the new album alongside their EP Only the Dead see the End of the War.

Acrassicauda are an Iraqi Metal band that started in 2001 under the regime of Saddam Hussein. They gained a larger fan base when Vice Magazine wrote an article, and released the subsequent Documentary “Heavy Metal in Baghdad”. The band released their EP Only the Dead see the End of War in 2010 under the label Vice Records. On July 9th 2014, Acrassicauda successfully Kickstarted their first feature length studio album, Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh, in Acrassicauda’s words “pays homage to the ancient Mesopotamian civilization using the Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient poem”. The album combines Thrash, Doom and Heavy Metal elements to form a varied and solid entry.

Notable Tracks

2. Rise – This track immediately jumps into the Thrash/Doom combination with all the power, rhythm and groove of the genre’s leading bands. The track has a distinctive sound, comparative to that of Lamb of God.

3. Quest for Eternity – A song that starts with the Groove metal sound from Rise and really kicks into rhythm and tone when Faisal’s vocals come in. The later tone of this track is very similar to the band, “Ra”. The song ends with a brilliant solo that tears over a steady rhythm.

6. The Cost of Everything & the Value of Nothing – This song really shows Acrassicauda’s inspiration and variety. Combining a fast hand drum and the familiar distorted, heavy-as-hell guitars, this track is unusual yet brilliant. The vocals take a seething, Nu-Metal approach which adds to the fresh and original approach this track takes. Brilliant rhythm and writing throughout, not to mention a short but sweet guitar solo towards the end.

7. Requiem For A Reverie – A track with little-to-none influence from the Middle-east or the previous Thrash/Doom sound. This is a slower track that shows Acrassicauda’s capabilities outside of Heavy/Thrash metal – it’s a very solid track and would be interesting to hear “unplugged”. The vocals, at times, remind me of Stonesour’s Corey Taylor (explicitly Stonesour, rather than Slipknot).

9. Unity – A distorted riff with great rhythm hammers over a tidy, low-tempo drum beat. I’ve always enjoyed tracks that hold a rhythm as simple but as effective as this. A brilliant return to the Thrash/Doom metal influences from earlier in the album.


Gilgamesh is a very strong Thrash, Doom and Groove Metal album, let alone a first feature length album. Combining the aggression and rhythm of Lamb of God with Middle-eastern motifs and, at times, Nu-metal sound of Ra, Gilgamesh is certainly a best of 2015. I’m proud to have kickstarted this project and wish Acrassicauda the best of luck and success in the future.