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8Bit Planet – Bristol, UK


8Bit Planet is a new store that has opened in Bristol, England. They focus on retro game collectibles and merchandise, many of which are exclusively imported from Asia.


8Bit have been to, and will continue to attend, many national comic conventions such as Liverpool and Birmingham MCM with stalls selling their merchandise and collectibles.

Their Bristol store sells a range of collectible items from a variety of game and animation series, such as plush toys, keyrings, gaming accessories, vinyl records and limited editions. One unique range of products is their collection of Gloomy bears; many of which are unique to Japanese arcade machines.


Additionally, 8Bit are seeking to become a community hub for Bristol’s gaming fans. The second half of the building has been dedicated to a number of retro consoles including PS2, Gamecube and N64. Customers are always welcome to take a seat and play from their selection of games.

8Bit Planet have also held several Super Smash Bros events on Thursday night at their store; the opening night attracted nearly 40 contestants. However, 8Bit will strive to host further gaming nights including Timesplitters 2 and weekend events.

If you’re a fan of Final fantasy, Pokemon, retro gaming, Japanese culture, collectibles, Nintendo or similar then 8Bit Planet is worth a visit as we help this unique shop that represents an entire community to strive.