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Monthly Archives: June 2016


Victoria – Review

Victoria – review is a bold venture film making, a full length film shot entirely in one night, using one camera, and all performed in one take. It’s an idea so crazy it’s almost enough to make most directors and producers want to rip their hair out at the thought of attempting it and most might label it as a film only made notable by the “gimmick” that the film is built around. However I’m happy to say this is not the case, the film stands up in its own right and is only enhanced by the concept… for the most part.


8Bit Planet – Bristol, UK 8Bit Planet is a new store that has opened in Bristol, England. They focus on retro game collectibles and merchandise, many of which are exclusively imported from Asia. 8Bit have been to, and will continue to attend, many national comic conventions such as


Bo Burnham – Make Happy

We discuss Bo Burnham’s new performance Make Happy which is available to stream on Netflix; a combination of self deprecation and musical performance